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STIX Fonts

The RTF file generated by latex2rtf may contain some symbols formatted in the font STIXGeneral. In earlier versions of latex2rtf, some attempt was made to translate the wide range of TeX symbols using Adobe's Symbol font and MathType's MTExtra font. This was a nightmare. Thankfully, the STIX font project has created a font with a huge range of mathematical symbols. latex2rtf now creates documents assuming that you have the STIX font installed.

You only need the four files STIXGeneral.otf, STIXGeneralItalic.otf, STIXGeneralBol.otf, and STIXGeneralBolIta.otf. These fonts can be downloaded from SourceForge. Note that while Office 2003 on Vista works correctly with the Open Type version, it does not on Windows XP (Word 2003 assigns no character spacing, and Publisher doesn't display characters at all). On Windows XP, Office 2003 only displays the symbols correctly with the TrueType (ttf) version of the fonts. To include everyone, a TrueType version of the STIX fonts is available.

Older Versions

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